English and Western Lessons

Our stable features horses for the beginner rider right through to the advanced rider. At Stillbrook Stables we tailor our lessons to meet your needs.

We teach children ages 4 and up.

When coming to Stillbrook Riding Stables, you will be asked to fill out a survey on what you would like to get out of your lessons. Some people choose riding to build confidence in a timid child while others have goals to compete in the show jumping circuit.

No matter the reason, safety is of utmost importance. Having fun is second and learning is third. You can't learn without the first two!

Lessons are taught in the indoor arena or in the outside sand ring. Occasionally the lesson is taught as we ride along  200 acres of trails. Riders will then experience all kinds of riding instead of just the traditional arena lessons.

Stillbrook Riding Stables offers English and Western lessons

Lesson Fees

We offer both Weekly and Occational Lessons for Riders (price/person):

  • Private - One hour Lessons $70
  • Semi-Private - One hour (two or three riders) Lessons $60
  • Group - One hour (four or more) Lessons $50

For more information, please call us at: 705-295-4538

At Stillbrook Riding Stables, our motto is
"The Outside of a horse is the BEST thing for the Inside of a Child"