Meet the Stillbrook Horses

In Loving Memory of Amazing Grace

Grace was purchased from Stonewood Equestrian, after retiring from showing. She was a sweet mare, who goes wtc and jumped a small course. She also loved to trail ride.


Breed: Appendix Mare

Born: 2019

Annie has been backed as a three year old and then was let have time off to grow and mature. She is in training again now. She will make her showing debut this summer at our schooling series. This tall bay mare is a great mover and we look forward to seeing her progress.
For someone wanting to start a horse, Annie could possibly be for sale to an approved home with the right person. We are going to train her up as a hunter, but if you're interested in finishing her your way please contact me. Her price will go up as her training continues.


Breed: TB Gelding

Born: 2014

Archie is a sweet bay gelding that is currently being restarted for our lineup of lesson horses. He can jump a small course and will join our line of show horses as soon as he is ready. Archie is a great guy but prefers to bond with one rider so could possibly be for sale to an approved home with the right person.

Apollo Rising -"Apollo"

Breed: TB Gelding

Born: 2013

Apollo is a sweet gelding , with floaty movement & a great jump. He has been successful in the Silver Series the past few years. He raced under the name 'Awesome Lute', with 35 starts, earning over $78k. Apollo is used for select lessons & shows.


Breed: POA Mare

Born: 2018

Bella was purchased in 2023 from a former student who trained this talented little white mare. Bella is a forward but safe ride that is great for lessons and will be a flashy show mount in the near future!!


Breed: Appendix Mare

Born: 2012

Belle is a beautiful, kind bay mare. She was purchased as an excellent trail horse but has so much potential to do more. She is currently being trained to join the line of lesson horses too.
We have an abundance of intermediate horses, so Belle could possibly be for sale to an approved home with the right person, although her price will increase with her training and show career.

Big Mike

Breed: Standardbred Gelding

Born: 2005

Mikey is a very handsom boy, with a lot of personality. Mike was purchased after he retired from the track, & has since become one of our most trusted trail mounts. He does dabble in some lessons from time to time.

Stillbrooks Blue -"Blue"

Breed: Arabian TB cross

Born: May 25, 2000

Blue is a very athletic gelding with great movement. He was purchased as a five old and was trained by Jennifer. Blue was a very disagreeable horse when we purchased him but with love, affection and clearly defined rules he has blossomed into a talented show horse. Blue is popular in our line of lesson horses and is great on the trail as well. He is constantly in the ribbons at local shows. Although he only stands about 15 hands but can jump 3'6 with ease.
After finishing the 2014 season off at Overall Champion of the KHJA Jumper season, as well as Overall Hi Point Champion of the KHJA and Stillbrook Top Barn Rider, Blue travelled to Millar Brooke Farm for a lesson with Amy Millar!
Blue is now enjoying semi-retirement.

Bob Marley - "Bobby"

Breed: Morgan Gelding

Born: 2009

Bobby was purchased in fall of 2020, after Silver Series Champs at Angelstone, where he had a clean sweep of the Puddle Hunters Division. In the years since, Bob has proved himself to be an extremely versatile guy; he is used for lessons, trails, camp & shows.

OK Boomer- "Boomer"

Breed: TBx Gelding

Born: 2013

Purchased in 2020, Boomer has a sweet personality & is very eager under saddle. Previously used as a polo pony, Boomer is somewhat green for his age. He has a large step for his size and demonstrates great form over fences. Boomer is used for select lessons.

Stillbrooks Braun - "Braun"

Breed: QHx Gelding

Born: 2005

Braun was purchased from a former boarder, several years ago. He is a large, gruella gelding with a puppy dog personality. Well trained on the flat, Braun is used in many of our beginner & novice lessons. Although it may not be his favourite thing, Braun does jum a small course. He is an excellent trail mount & loves spending time out of the ring. Braun is used for lessons, camp & trails.

Bridgette Jones - "Bridgette"

Breed: Welsh X

Born: 2010

Bridgette was purchased from Stonewood Equestrian. She is a very athletic little mare& has jumped 3ft3 with lots of scope to spare. In 2020 Bridgette made her Silver leveldebut with great results. We look forward to seeing what 2021 brings for Bridgette!

Butterscotch Ripple - "Bryson"

Breed: Grade Gelding

Born: 2008

Bryson was purchased in the late summer of 2020. He is a lovely large pony gelding with a real love for jumping & an easy lead change. He has a great disposition, although he is a bit of a class clown. Bryson is used for lessons, camp & shows.


Breed: Arab Mare

Born: 2019

This flashy chestnut arab mare was bought as a trail horse but is quickly becoming a favourite of students. She has great movement and such a wonderful disposition. She will be making her showing debut this year too.
Carlee is a very sweet mare and doing well here, but we have too many intermediate horses, so she could possibly be for sale to an approved home with the right person. Her price will increase as her training level and show career does.

Christian Faith - "Christie"

Breed: Pinto

Sire: Quarter Horse X

Dam: Paint

Born: April 1, 2000

Christie was purchased in May 2007. She is a quiet mare with unusual markings. She has two blue eyes that are outlined in black with lovely long white eye lashes. Christie has been a key component of our line of lesson & trail horses. Christie is a favourite with the children and although she is sometimes grumpy to tack, she is wonderful to ride! Although she is a larger boned mare she has great movement & does very well in the show ring.  

The Cisco Kid - "Cisco"

Breed: Paint

Born: 2006

Cisco was purchased in the spring of 2011, he has lovely paint/buckskin colouring. Cisco was mainly trail rode before he came to Stillbrook and at times has more "whoa then go". Over the past few seasons Cisco has developed into a jumper ring packer. His point & shoot attitude makes him an ideal mount for first time jumper riders. In 2020 Cisco made his Silver level debut, which included a 5th Place Ribbon with a spot in the victory gallop in the 1.10m Grand Prix.

Setting Standards - "Cookie"

Breed: Welsh
BORN: 2003

Cookie is a sweet mare, who was purchased from CYBF after finishing the season with a 3rd at Trillium Championships in the Pony division. Prior to this she was a schoolie at former BFEC and Dreamcrest. Cookie is a dainty pony, with great movement, an easy lead change & great form over fences. She is currently being used for our beginner lessons and loves being spoiled by the pony kids.

Meekos Last Dance - "Dani"

Breed: Halflinger x Appaloosa

Sire: Still Mitawa Kola

Dam: Valley View Polly

Born: 2014

'Dani' was born in late 2014 and was the last foal by Still Mitawa Kola. She is a short but stocky mare with very unique colouring. She is currently working with our advanced students and goes wtc and jumps a small course.

FK Delta Sunfrost - "Delta"

Breed: Registered Quarter Horse

Sire: Flying Hearts Tuffy

Dam: Sugartime Delta

Born: June 3, 2007

Delta Dawn, or Delta, is a very eye-catching large pony with her beautiful buckskin colouring. She has lovely movement, with great flying changes and walks down the lines, very point & shoot! She has been very competitive in hunter divisions over the past few years! This mare has the potential to be a great Trillium or A-Circuit mount.

In Loving Memory of Our Wonderful Dexter

Dexter was foaled at Stillbrook in 2013. He had wonderful appaloosa markings, with a large blanket covering his loins & whole rump. Dexter went wtc and jumped a small course.

Paint Floyd - "Floyd"

Breed: Registered Paint

Sire: Marquis Seven

Dam: Raledas Flame

Born: July 12, 1999

Floyd is flashy paint gelding with beautiful movement! He enjoys working in the arena or going out through the trails., both English or western. Floyd can jump a 3' course with ease & has become a real favourite among students. He also thoroughly enjoys wester games.
Since his debut in the jumper classes, Floyd has become a real veteran! He may be small but he is very quick & agile! He is currently used for our novice students.

Great Gatsby - "Gabby"

Breed: Draft X
Age: 2002

Gabby was purchased from Stonewood Equestrian, after retiring from showing. She is a large but gentle mare with a great disposition. Gabby goes wtc and jumps a x-rail course. She also enjoys the trails.
Gabby is used for novice lessons.

Morning Glory - "Glory"

Breed: Canadian X

Glory was purchased as a project, from a private home in spring of 2020. She is brave over fences, with great scope & does very well on the trails. She has recently excelled in the jumper division of the Stillbrook Show Series.

Glory is currently used in novice to advanced lessons.

Shutdown Gracefully - "Gracie"

Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 2005

Gracie was purchased from a private home in 2018. She is an uncomplicated & straightforward ride both on the flat & over fences. Gracie is also a great trail mount. In 2019 she competed in the Trilogy CT Series with good results.
She is currently used in novice to advanced lessons.

Ivy League - "Ivy"

Breed: Trakehner x Arab
BORN: 2009

Ivy was purchased as a project from a former boarder, a few years ago. Though she is small, she is a quick & scopey mare, making her an ideal first jumper mount. She is extremely responsive to aids & brave over fences. She has been quite successful on the local hunter/jumper circuits and ribbons at the EJF Silver shows this season.
Ivy is currently used in intermediate & advanced lessons.

In Loving Memory of Our Wonderful Jake.

Jacob was a sweet dependable gelding that loves to go out on trail rides. He was wonderful in the arena, but his favourite job was taking little children on trails. Jacob was an amazing camp horse and loved getting dressed at our Halloween camps. Jacob was the kind of horse every child would love as their first horse!

Jeepers Creepers - "Jeep"

Breed: Appendix

Born: 2009

Jeep was purchased in the fall of 2019 from a local stable. He is a very handsome gelding with a quirky personality. He has three lovely, smooth gaits & displays great form over fences. Jeep competed at a local show in 2020, winning Champion in the Hack Division and Reserve Champion in the 2ft3 Hunter Division. We look forward to seeing what 2021 brings for this talented guy.

Jeep is currently used in advanced lessons.


Stillbrooks Jesse - "Jesse"

Breed: Hackney Cross

Sire: Misty's Paycheck (Purebred Hackney)

Dam: Star (1/2 Arabian, 1/4 Quarter Horse, 1/4 Appaloosa)

Born: April 27, 1997

Jesse is an all round wonderful horse and is Topper's younger brother. He is a beautiful black gelding, with a unique tulip marking on his face. He rides both English and Western, has been broke to drive and can jump a 3'6" course with ease. He is used at our farm as a trail horse, camp horse and school or lesson horse. Jesse is also one of our best show horses and wins lots of ribbons at local shows. Jesse is big, black, and beautiful with a disposition to match. He takes care of our students no matter how young and in-experienced or whether they want to win a Gamblers choice class. Many people have wanted to buy Jesse but he is just not for sale.

Jesse is used for beginner to intermediate lessons.


Still Mitawa Kola - "Meeko"

Breed: Appaloosa

Sire: Poco's Royal Kid

Dam: Stillbrook's Nikita

Born: April 19th, 2003

Meeko was Stillbrook’s breeding stallion for over a decade. He has a lovely disposition and was an incredibly easy stallion to work around. His offspring included Ivan, Gabrielle, Gibson and Tisca to name a few. The decision was made to geld Meeko in 2014. He has three smooth gait and jumps a small course. However, Meeko thoroughly enjoys the trails.

He is currently used for trails and the odd novice lesson.


McLovin' - "Mickey"

Breed: Grade

Born: June, 2004

Mickey was purchased in the spring of 2010 and he proved to be a wonderful pony. He can be a little testy at times, like all ponies can be but when he is on his good behavior he is wonderful! He jumps a course with ease and has the stride of a full grown horse. He also loves to swim and even though he is small will venture into deep water and swim along with a rider. Mickey has been successful on the local circuit in the smaller hunter and jumper divisions.
Mickey is currently used in novice and intermediate lessons.


Breed: Haflinger

Sire: Nobel Prize APF

Dam: Pleasant Acres Missy

Born: 2004

After the unexpected passing of Pearl (Polly’s sister & driving partner), we searched near & far for the perfect pony to take her place. We ended up finding her near the Montreal border. Missy works wonderfully alongside Polly.. She enjoys competing in the Hunter Pairs division with Polly.
Missy is currently used for driving & trails, along with the odd novice lesson.

Ariel Love - "Pippa"

Breed: Thoroughbred

Sire: One Way Love

Dam: Unbridled Rose

Born: 2010

Pippa is a 2012 Second Start Throughbreds graduate (although she didn't race), who was purchased from a former boarder in the summer of 2014. She is beautiful grey mare, with legs that go on for days! That season Pippa won Reserve Champion at KHJA Championships 2014. Since then she has developed into a wonderful hunter mount. She has three lovely gait and jumps a 3ft course with lead changes. In 2020 she qualified & ribbons at Siver Series Championships at Angelstone.

She is currently used for intermediate & advanced lessons.


Valley View Polly - "Polly"

Breed: Haflinger

Sire: Meadow Bridge AM's Moment

Dam: Pennie

Born: April 4, 2003

Polly is part of our team of Haflinger driving horses. She was purchased, along with her sister Pearl (RIP), from Vera Smith after her husband Floyd sadly passed away. These girls were his pride and joy and we have promised Vera that we will take good care of them. Polly is a sweet mare who is broke to drive and ride. She enjoys competing in the Hunter Pairs.
She is currently used for driving, trails and the odd novice lesson.


Breed: Welsh x Quarter Horse

Born: 2006

Princess is an adorable pony with a wonderful attitude. She is broke to ride but prior to coming to our farm she had a slight issue with founder. We keep Princess on a diet and she is certainly the "cute" factor on our farm. The camp kids love riding her and she loves the attention! Princess is mainly used for birthday parties and for the camp kids to love up!

Diamond Rio - "Rio"

Breed: Arabian x Thoroughbred x Hackney
Sire: Quins Jackpot
Dam: Lady Luck
Born: May, 2003

Diamond Rio was foaled on the Stillman farm but then sold to a friend on the understanding that when he no longer wanted Rio, he would be sold back to Stillbrook. Rio was purchased back in the summer of 2008, he was broke to drive and on returning to Stillbrook, was broke to ride.
Rio is well trained & eager to please. He has placed very well in the hunters both undersaddle & over fences. In 2020 he made his Silver level debut, qualifying for Championship at Angelstone. He is used in lessons from beginner to advanced.

River Heights - "RiVER"

Breed: Thoroughbred
Born: February 20th, 2003

River is the definition of a “war horse” in racehorse terms. He had 37 starts, earning over $270,000 in prize money. We purchased River as a project in the summer of 2020. Although he was underweight and undermuscled, we saw a diamond in the rough. River stands 17hh but is a gentle giant. We are slowly bringing him back into shape. He has three large gaits, an auto lead change and is very brave over fences. We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for this handsome guy.
River is currently used for intermediate & advanced lessons.

Stillbrooks Ryder - "Ryder"

Breed: Quarter Horse x Belgian

BORN: 2011

Sarah was purchased from a former student, a few years ago. She had recently retired from life as a show horse. She is a sweet mare, who goes wtc and jumps a small course. She thoroughly enjoys spending time out on the trails. She is currently used in novice lessons.

In Loving Memory of Our Sweet Sarah

Sarah was a sweet mare, and a great horse for our novice riders. She loved spending time out on the trails; and will be missed by all of us. We miss you Sarah.

Scooby Doo - "Scooby"

Breed: Welsh x Quarter Horse

Sire: Purebred Quarter Horse

Dam: Purebred Welsh

Born: April, 2007

Scooby is a very sweet pony, with wonderful movement, a 10+ jump  and a gentleman personality.  He was Overall Reserve Champion of the KHJA Green division in 2013 and won Champion of the Xrails Division in 2014 with a young rider. Since then Scooby has competed successfully in the local hunters and jumpers, as well as the Trilogy CT Series with top results. In 2020 Scooby made his Silver level debut with great ribbons in the Large Pony and lower jumper divisions. We look forward to seeing him develop in 2021.

Scooby is currently used for intermediate & advanced lessons.


Taste the Rainbow - "Skittles"

Breed: Arab X

Born: 2000

Skittles is a sweet, little mare who was purchased in 2020. She is a fun ride for our novice students & is quite scopey for her size. She also enjoy being ponied on the trails.

Skittles is currently used for novice & intermediate lessons.


Tough Duck - "Ducky"

Breed: Welsh

Born: 2004

Ducky is an adorable little pony, who was purchased in the summer of 2014 off one of our former boarders. Don't let this guy's size fool you, he makes it down the lines no problem & loves to jump! He is always a favourite among our bravest pony riders.

Ducky has been very successful in local hunters and jumper divisions & will make his Silver level debut in 2021.


In Loving Memory of Our WonderfulTopper

Topper was an all around wonderful horse! He rode both English and Western, was broke to drive and could jump a 3'6" course with ease. He was used at our farm as a trail horse, camp horse and school or lesson horse. Topper was also one of our best show horses and won lots of ribbons at local shows. He should have been nick-named Houdini as he could open stall doors and even unlatch gates and let everybody out.
Topper keeps us on our toes but is one of the most "personable" horses on our farm. Jennifer has won top rider of the Kawartha Hunter Jumper Association for numerous years, riding Topper in the jumper division. They have an incredible bond.

Vallee Girl - "Vallee"

Breed: Morgan

Born: 1999

Vallee is a sweet bay mare that was purchased in the summer of 2012 . She is a wonderful asset to the line up of school horses. She thoroughly enjoys teaching the young children how to ride. Vallee goes wt and jumps a small xrail course. She has helped many young riders earn their very first ribbons!

Vallee is currently used for beginner lessons.

Town Vixen - "Vixen"

Breed: Thoroughbred

Born: March 20, 2009

Vixen was purchased from CYBF in the late fall of 2019, as a project. With some TLC, a good diet and some downtime, she has blossomed into a lovely addition to the farm. She has traditional,long, daisy cutting, thoroughbred movement, an auto lead change & great form over fences. She competed in her first off-property show this summer, with great results. We are excited to see what 2021 brings for this talented, little mare.
Vixen is currently used in intermediate & advanced lessons.

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